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My Priorities


"We need to collaborate with stakeholders across the region to address our most pressing issues. When we work together, we ensure that ALL Tumwater residents have the resources they need to thrive."


Addressing the Affordable Housing Crisis and Reducing the Amount of Houseless Residents

Our community is facing an affordable housing crisis. The amount of houseless residents continues to grow in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Silent houselessness remains common, but not widely talked about. There are many community members who have full time jobs but can't afford rent because of high housing costs. We need to work with stakeholders to find ways to provide more affordable housing options and work with community leaders to find solutions that meet our community members where they are at. 

A Safer, More Inclusive Community for our Kids to Grow Up In

We need to ensure that we are passing policies that ensure our children will have a safe and inclusive city to grow up in. It is vital that we are creating safe spaces for difficult conversations surrounding topics like bullying, racism, poverty, and other areas where their lives my be impacted and they may need additional support. With three school-aged children myself, I understand how important it is to normalize these difficult conversations and create safe spaces for them to grow up in. We need to celebrate our differences and recognize our shared values so that we are unified as a community in tough times, and we lead by example for our kids. 

Protecting Our Environment

 Climate change needs to be recognized and addressed in our community. The establishment of the Thurston Climate Action Team and the Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan are two major steps in the right direction, but there is still so much work to do. We need to enhance our current long term plans to include enhanced policies and processes surrounding sustainable growth, emergency preparedness, and protecting green spaces, clean air, and clean water. Our environment is in a critical period where the actions we take now will drastically impact our future generations and their ability to live healthy, happy lives. 

Revitalizing Our Brewery District, Recognizing Historic Areas, and Creating Mainstreet

Revitalizing our Brewery District and creating new jobs for Tumwater residents has already proved successful and possible with the opening of the Tumwater SPSCC Craft Brewing and Distilling Facility. We can continue this growth by investing in community-partnered trade facilities of a similar nature- a welding facility, medical training center, and much more. We need to make an effort to include local Tribes in our decisions surrounding recognizing historical areas, including working with them to re-name historical areas that recognize their connection to the land and retelling an accurate history of the events that occurred there. Partnering with the local Tribes will allow us to create long term plans that respect their connection to the land and allow them to work with us to expand in a way that is representative of our shared vision for Tumwater. Creating a Mainstreet with shop fronts, multi-modal transportation options, and parks/community spaces will allow our community to attract new local small businesses to Tumwater, bolster our local economy, and create a more accessible route for residents to commute on. I look forward to continued conversations with Tumwater City Councilmembers like Leatta Dahlhoff, Angela Jefferson, and Debbie Sullivan who have communicated this idea to me. 

Increasing Transportation Options and Ensuring They Are Accessible

We need to increase multi-modal transportation options for our community. Increased transportation options like a dash bus route, rental bikes, and increased walking and biking paths will encourage local workers to use sustainable transportation options more frequently. A current lack of walking and biking paths and expanded bus routes make commute by car the most attractive and convenient option. We need to ensure that the most convenient means of transportation reduce CO2 output and benefit our environment. I believe that incentives to promote shared transport, electric vehicles, and walking or biking as main modes of transportation can be introduced by the city to assist in making this an attractive option.


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